The garden is our place for experimentation, where we grow a variety of vegetables of organic origin in a circular economy and get fresh vegetables and fruits on the table or in the form of preserves, to take the summer time also a bit into the winter. We are happy to offer our guests available products from our garden.

An essential component and landscape protection are the diversity of the animals. All contribute to our small, local ecosystem. The chickens give us eggs, our dogs company and a happy reception in the morning and the cats try to keep the mouse crew under acceptable limits.

At the moment we have two local breeds, "latxa" sheep and an endangered pig breed "Euskal txerri" move freely over meadows and through the forest and are kept according to biological criteria.

The Latxa sheep are yearlong outside and make an important contribution to the care of the landscape by keeping the grass and all other plants short, thus preventing the forestation. At Easter we can offer milk lambs every year.

"Euskal Txerria" is a very robust pork breed, but in the middle of the twentieth century there were very few left, before that they were always a part of the farm life in the Basque mountains. Only thanks to the courage and determination of a handful of pig farmers it was possible to prevent extinction. Perfectly adapted to their environment, the Txerris have begun to recapture Basque territory. On the north side of the country, in the French Basque country, there were only 25 pigs in 1989 and in 2000 1500 were counted. They are gradually spreading on the south side of the mountainous region of the Basque Country. We want to position ourselves clearly against industrial agricultural production and to devote ourselves above all to preserving quality and the environment.